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Tõnu Talve – Estonian painter

Tõnu Talve is well-known Estonian artist. His style is very original.
It´snot possible to mix up his paintings with any another artist. Talve uses
mainly blue and silver-hoary colours. He´s style of deformation of the
objects is also very specified and declining toward abstraction. May be
thanks to his spontaneous manner of working. Talve belongs to Trio Fragile
group. Trio with guittarist Robert Jürjental, drummer Arvo Urb and Tõnu
Talve makes performances. While musicians playing, Talve finishing his
painting. Trio is very popular among Estonian public. Nowadays the are
gathering also international fame. It´also important that they do´nt
performing not only in the main Estonian cityies, but also in the small
ones. So Talve made recently exhibition-tour in seven different places in
Estonia titeled “Ka”.
Who is Ka. Talve is very interested in Egyptian mythology. Ka was for
egyptians our representer in other side our world, he was our double in the
other world after human death. Life after death depend on alives who had to
sacrifice for Ka. It´s important do not mix up Ka with Ba, who was later in
the christianin thinking the soul of human being. Ba leavs like birb the
human body. Very many Talve´s painting are divided into two parts: real
world here and life in the “this world”.
I think that is necessary to emphazise also Talve´s activity as an art
teacher. He has included to his exhibitions tours the works of his
faouvorite pupils and also the drawings of his three-years daughter. I hope
that your public would like Tõnu Talve´s works.
Ants Juske
art critic and curator, Ph.D